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Baptized We Live: A Lutheran Way of Life

As people contact the church asking for baptism for their children, or as people indicate that they’d like to join the congregation, we’ll invite them to join us for a short course of one three-hour session. We call this course Baptized We Live: A Lutheran Way of Life.


When we are asked to provide baptism for a family, we will meet with them to discuss the meaning of the sacrament, and plan the baptism. 


We schedule baptisms around the family's preference and the availability of the church during worship. On these days, we will devote Sunday worship to being a baptismal day, when the focus of worship will be the baptisms. This will mean that more than one person may be baptized on one of those days. We DO NOT host private baptism ceremonies, because we believe that the practice of this sacrament is a sacred family of faith event and we feel must happen in worship. If a family prefers a smaller worshipping body, we encourage them to look at having the baptism at our Saturday evening worship.


Throughout church history, there has always been much attention paid to preparing for baptism. In the early centuries of the church, people were trained during the 40 day period of Lent, and then baptized at the Easter Vigil, on the Saturday evening before Easter. 


This is a time in church life when relatively few adults are actively engaged in studying the Bible. While we have study groups and women’s circles at St. Peter that do Bible study, it’s still a small percentage of our members who are involved. It makes sense, then, to provide more, rather than less instruction, so that people seeking entrance into the Christian community have a better feel for what discipleship means. 


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