St. Peter Mission Plan


Our Mission

Our congregational mission statement sums up what it is we are called to do as disciples of Christ.


The mission of St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran is to "worship and praise God boldly, witness to God's goodness, serve God with joy."


Core Values

  1.  We affirm and enjoy our identity as Lutheran Christians.
  2. We are welcoming of others and practice hospitality, in Christ's name, seeking to be evangelical in style, as our congregation's name suggests.
  3. We love and cherish the liturgical worship of our Lutheran tradition, along with its emphasis on strong preaching, and embrace this style as our central approach to worship. At the same time, we wish to remain open to more contemporary expressions, and to use both.
  4. As God is generous with us, so do we also believe in practicing generosity, giving at least 10% of our income to charitable causes, and achieving some balance between local and global concerns.
  5. We believe ourselves called to a deeper investment in the children of our congregation and community.
  6. We care deeply about ministry with and for those who are poor, and our ministry reflects this concern. We believe ourselves to be called to work toward a great justice in our society and world.
  7. In carrying out our ministry, we partner with a variety of people who do not belong to St. Peter. We embrace, and seek to extend, these partnerships.
  8. We believe that St. Peter is seen by the community as providing spiritual leadership fo the greater Prairie du Chien community, and we value that role.

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