Helpful information for worshipping at St. Peter...

Please fill out a “Communion Record & Visitor Card”, found in the pew racks, EACH time you visit or when you partake in communion here at St. Peter.  Cards may be placed in the offering plate or handed to the ushers at the time of distribution of communion.


The Hungry Jar collects money for social ministries outside our own congregation.  The young people of the congregation circulate during the offering to collect your loose coins and bills and bring them to the Hungry Jar. 


The Bible Initiative:  Please use our pew Bibles during worship.  If you do not have a Bible at home or if you know of someone who does not have one, please take a Bible from the pews and consider it your own.  The Bibles will be replaced as needed by the Evangelism Team.

Hearing impaired devices are available.  Please ask an usher for assistance.

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