St. Peter Mission Plan

5th Draft - February 7th, 2015

Our Mission

Our congregational mission statement sums up what it is we are called to do as disciples of Christ.


The mission of St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran is to "worship and praise God boldly, witness to God's goodness, serve God with joy."


Core Values

  1.  We affirm and enjoy our identity as Lutheran Christians.
  2. We are welcoming of others and practice hospitality, in Christ's name, seeking to be evangelical in style, as our congregation's name suggests.
  3. We love and cherish the liturgical worship of our Lutheran tradition, along with its emphasis on strong preaching, and embrace this style as our central approach to worship. At the same time, we wish to remain open to more contemporary expressions, and to use both.
  4. As God is generous with us, so do we also believe in practicing generosity, giving at least 10% of our income to charitable causes, and achieving some balance between local and global concerns.
  5. We believe ourselves called to a deeper investment in the children of our congregation and community.
  6. We care deeply about ministry with and for those who are poor, and our ministry reflects this concern. We believe ourselves to be called to work toward a great justice in our society and world.
  7. In carrying out our ministry, we partner with a variety of people who do not belong to St. Peter. We embrace, and seek to extend, these partnerships.
  8. We believe that St. Peter is seen by the community as providing spiritual leadership fo the greater Prairie du Chien community, and we value that role.
Mission Plan
  1. Staff - Call a new Associate Pastor who will specialize in Youth and Family ministry. COMPLETED 3/15/2015
  2. Program - Develop a greater variety of adult educational opportunities for people, beyond what we do now: COMPLETED
    1. The new Associate Pastor will plan with youth and family in mind.
    2. The Senior Pastor will plan for other adults.
    3. Some attention and effort will be given to recruiting new lay teachers for adults.
  3. Ministry of Care & Compassion - We will begin to include all the homebound people in the Homebound Communion program. When you become homebound, you are simply assigned a volunteer. Plan quarterly get-togethers for this group, for debriefing, support and training. COMPLETED
  4. Care of the Poor/Social Ministry - In addition to our current social ministry concerns (Come for Supper, Hungry Jar, Coulee Cap), we will add Children of Peace International, and focus for three years on supporting efforts in Vietnam, until February 2018. In terms of charitable giving, continue to support balance between local and global concerns. COMPLETED
  5. Worship - Add musical talent and variety, to our contemporary worship. The congregation wants to maintain a tradition of strong preaching. Consider again the possibility of celebrating Holy Communion every week, since this has become the norm in the ELCA.
  6. Support - Exand the base of volunteers at St. Peter. COMPLETED
  7. Property
    1. Create a committee that will take a comprehensive look at our building, so that we do not address property concerns in a piecemeal fashion. In coming years, we will consider:
      1. A potential capital project to add to existing structure. IN PROCESS
      2. Discuss the removal of the hedges on the sanctuary's South side. COMPLETED
      3. Explore options for getting downstairs - chair lift, ramp, or an elevator. IN PROCESS
    2. Evaluate communications technology and regard the proclamation and consider alternatives. Consider having each Sunday sermon, preached by the pastors, on the website the next day. IN PROCESS
  8. Stewardship - Continue to encourage the practice of good stewardship for the sake of spiritual growth among our people, and so that we will persist in the practice of generosity.  IN PROCESS
  9. Same Gender Relationships - Within three years, we hope that we, the people of St. Peter, will thoroughly discuss how God is leading us to respond to individuals in same gender relationships. COMPLETED

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